Thursday, September 25, 2008

alright, thought id update with some production notes today.
first off, heres my copy of the 'script'. basically im using my 3rd edition book to take notes.
i downloaded a pdf, but i find it alot easier to work with a hard copy.
if anyone knows were i can get a copy of the script that is editable, please let me know.
all i can find are protected pdf's... having a copy were i can just cut and paste the script for lettering would be load off my shoulders...
second would be my first set of thumb nails for the book.
third is a sneak peek of page 4, and last but not least is an idea sketch for tyler durden that wont be used. it looks too much like the film.
ive decided to distance myself from the art direction of the film as far as possiable.
not because i didnt like the film, but because i loved it.
i want this book to stand alone.
thats it for today folks. should have page 4 done tomorrow some time.


aetherchild said...

Tyler's flip flops are sweet.


hahahahaahah i know right?

Marc said...

If you have a PDF of the text, can convert it to txt or Word document.