Wednesday, November 5, 2008


sorry bout that folks!!
went missing there for a bit.
i was signing at the recent comic book convention and got swamped with "work" work.
on the up side, i did get to advertise for fight club! the fine people of gestalt publishing sent me a box of postcards printed up just for the occasion. swank! have a look:::

good news to all who care, i have busted my leg (ironically in a fight) and am stuck in a leg brace for the next 3 - 4 weeks. so i most likely will be updating like a mad man soon enough, so check back often.

(if i was a horse, id be glue by now.)
the book is coming along swell, im up to page 103 of thumb nail layouts and chapter 3 of inks. ive been reluctant to color recently because of all the work ive been up to, but that will change soon enough.
for now, heres a look at my lay out book, and a random page of thumbnails. oooh.

before i go, if you have some spare cash and care enough, i recently read the book of essays entitled "you do not talk about fight club". a good read, as specialy the first essay. keep in mind though that most of them are utter dog crap. so.... well worth the 7 bucks i payed used for the first essay though.
rock the fuck on, more posts soon.

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Zack said...

Your work is amazing.
Are you actually working witch Chuck or just for fun?